Augusta Commission to discuss $100,000 for lock and dam

Augusta Commission to discuss $100,000 for lock and dam

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Commissioners say saving our pool is the most important issue Augusta is facing today. Next week in full commission, they’ll discuss providing the engineering department an additional $100,000 for the lock and dam in the fight against the Army Corps of Engineers.

The engineering department told commissioners they need nearly $37,000 dollars to pay the two consultants hired for the studies.

Some commissioners were surprised by the overages. Commissioner Brandon Garrett raised questions on the request because the city already spent money towards the whitewater study and the Corps of Engineers comment period. “Really the reason there were so many questions today was did we know this was happening? So, I think we laid the groundwork today to have a more open dialogue back and forth with consultants to make sure that we’re spending money wisely and we’re getting what we’re paying for. Just to prevent the commission from having any other surprises.”

The city’s engineering department says the remaining amount of that request, $63,400 is for the estimated budget in the fight to preserve the lock and dam. Earlier this year, the department originally asked for $75,000.

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