North Augusta City Council election happening Tuesday

North Augusta City Council election happening Tuesday

NORTH AUGUSTA (WFXG) - Voting for the North Augusta City Council seats will be taking place Tuesday. There are candidates in two parties in this election, the Republican and the Constitution party.

The constitution party was created just a few months ago with three people in the party running for election. According to Fletcher Dickert, North Augusta City Council member, historically, North Augusta has seen a low turn out for the election and would love to see more people come to the polls.

“So, we’ve only had sometimes less than 1,000 people sometimes 2,000 people in the whole community determine who our leaders are, so it’s very important in a town of 24,000 people that we get people to come out to the polls and voice their opinions on who they want to lead them and make decisions on their behalf,” Dickert said.

Voting will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday. Results will be shown live at the North Augusta Community Center.

A list of the polling places can be found at this link.

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