Military kids get new opportunities through STEM ‘Center of Innovation’

Military kids get new opportunities through STEM ‘Center of Innovation’

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Military kids are able to take advantage of new opportunities now that the Fort Gordon Youth Center has unveiled their new STEM ‘Center of Innovation’.

Selena Doctor-Smith, facility director, said it’s important that the kids are offered the opportunity to be hands on to find their career path in life. “STEM is in everyday life, it’s in everything we do we wake up we sleep it, we dream it, we walk it.”

That’s why it was so important for Smith to put forth the effort to apply for a $45,000 grant through the Boys and Girls Club, that allowed the STEM program on Fort Gordon to expand. “We want to not just limit them, but take them and make sure they are limitless, so that is what we want for them not just that ordinary, but that extraordinary child, bring that out of every child,” Smith said.

This STEM Center supports 245 students and allows them to be hands in the fields of technology, engineering and more.

“They’re getting to build construct, create, to invent with their hands, not only their minds,” Smith said.

Destiny Jackson, a military child and student, said she enjoys the program and is excited about the opportunities it will bring her. “I’m definitely going to be working on technology, mathematics and science and also inviting other kids to join me as well for different projects or helping out,” Jackson said.

Though the grant application to make all of this possible took lots of time to complete, Smith says it was nothing for her to get it done. “Nothing is tedious when it comes to getting what we need for these kids, nothing is too much everything is too little,” Smith said.

This program is free for military kids and DoD dependents.

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