Richmond County Commissioners say future is bright even after 3 resignations

Richmond County Commissioners say future is bright even after 3 resignations

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Richmond County Commissioners say the future is bright even after 3 resignations within a week. Augusta’s Recreations and Parks Director resigned Monday, the city attorney and city administrator resigned last week.

Reaction is coming in and the recent actions come at no surprise for some residents we spoke to. Shake up in the Augusta-Richmond County government. Some residents say they saw it coming.

“Obviously, we have a problem somewhere in our government.” Augusta resident Andera Sires says some city officials have been there for a while and a little change is needed. “Maybe they’ve become a little complacent in their jobs and in not looking at what really needs to happen in Augusta.”

Most recently, drama over whether or not Mayor Hardie Davis’ 2019 Chevy Tahoe should bear a decal sparked the call for former city attorney Andrew Mackenzie’s job. In a surprise move last week, the city’s administrator Janice Jackson was out, too. Now, Director of Recreation and Parks Glenn Parker, who is one of several city officials targeted in a pending lawsuit over the death of Melquan Robinson at Fleming Park, has resigned as well.

"The football field with the wiring. people been playing at that park for years and without the maintenance and equipment that supposedly was already there, why couldn’t you have done all that stuff according to those actual monitoring and rules systems, too.” Leroy Jones thinks change will come when the community becomes more involved, including hiring homegrown people.

So does Commissioner Ben Hasan. Tuesday morning, he and Commssioner Ben Garrett spoke with WFXG’s Stephanie Lopez about their concerns. “We’ve got people qualified to fill these positions, for the most part. We take a look at them first and foremost, give them an opportunity to flourish and to blossom because they’ve made an investment in the city already.” Commissioner say the hiring process hasn’t started yet, but the people filling the void in the interim are qualified to lead. “We’re headed in a very good direction, we’re going to make sure that everything is taken care of and we’re going to move forward. Just like in football, next man up.”

As far as what’s next, commissioners told us on our morning show there’s no formal plan in place yet. Commissioners want to take this process slowly to make sure they hire the right people for the city of Augusta.

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