Locals react to deadly Sri Lanka attacks

Locals react to deadly Sri Lanka attacks

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A beautiful Easter Sunday in the CSRA packed churches in the morning and parks in the afternoon for family time. All the while, hundreds were suffering after bomb attacks in Sri Lanka.

Locally, people are saddened by the reality of recent acts of violence across the globe. Ashley Altamirano was one of many spending the afternoon at the park with their family. Hearing about the attacks saddened her. She said, “Can you imagine if your family was in that building or your loved ones? That’s heart breaking.”

A family of five was enjoying the day in the same area. The mother of that family, Anum Nawaz, said, “It kind of makes you want to not celebrate. I mean that’s the harsh truth. You don’t want to go out of your house and go to your holy place, because you’re so scared about what if something happens.”

As they spent time with their families, they worked to cherish every moment. Though they said the news of another violent attack was heart breaking in more ways than one.

Fraaz Nawaz, Anum’s husband, said, “As a society, we have become more numb to these situations as long as they’re not happening in your next neighborhood basically, which is unfortunate.” Altamirano added, “Now-a-days that’s just the life we live in. It’s sad, it’s really sad.”

Although a sad truth, they said that as a society, it can be turned around. Fraaz Nawaz said, “It’s up to us to see what are the root causes behind those things and try to address those root causes.”

Both Nawaz and Altamirano said it’s important to teach the children and upcoming generations about love and positivity. Altamirano said, “I think we should focus on love and family. You know, the main things that actually matter in life.”

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