Disabled veteran in Jackson gets a new roof for family’s home

Disabled veteran in Jackson gets a new roof for family’s home

JACKSON, SC (WFXG) - For Sean Falcon and his family, their leaky roof has been a nuisance for years.

“It seems like every time we get something accomplished in there, we find a leak and it goes down a wall and messes up the sheet rock and stuff.”

The Falcons have worked to protect themselves from the elements. It is constant battle for this veteran, who retired six years after suffering neck, back and upper extremity nerve damage in an IED blast.

“I spent about a year and a half in rehab in hospitals, had a few surgeries, had a lot of nerve and back injuries," explained Falcon.

So it’s hard for him to get around to get on a roof and it’s not safe for him to mount a ladder, either. The expense of hiring someone else would have been a financial struggle, too.

“We were actually pricing roofs, metal roofs because we couldn’t afford a shingle roof and we were gonna have to probably take out a small loan and use up our savings to put the roof on but it was something that had to be done because of the damage it was creating," Falcon recalled.

But last year he had a little faith and applied for help through Purple Heart Homes. The organization provides housing solutions for veterans with service-related disabilities. Connecting people with services from ramps to new homes since 2008.

That non-profit partnered with SouthPaw Roofing, a preferred contractor for Owens Corning Branded Roofing Materials to provide a brand new roof that should last the lifetime of the home.

He learned about his brand new roof just a week before making a costly commitment.

Southpaw Roofing Vice President Dustin Tyra said, "Oh, anything for a veteran. We love to give back. This is the first time we’ve actually done it for a veteran so, we’re real excited and hopefully we can do more.”

Tyra said they jumped at the chance to serve someone who served our country.

Which means everything to the Falcon family - because it shows just a little faith goes a long way. SouthPaw says a job like this would normally cost $5 to 6,000.

The construction director with Purple Heart Homes said Sean is the 458th Veteran they’ve served in their 10 year history.

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