H54K: Fox Creek High student overcomes diagnosis and moves forward with golf fate

H54K: Fox Creek High student overcomes diagnosis and moves forward with golf fate

NORTH AUGUSTA (WFXG) - An Aiken County teen’s early childhood medical battle came full circle as Masters week came to a close.

For 15-year-old Evan Prickett, a freshman at Fox Creek High School, practice makes perfect. He was first on the Hurricane Junior Golf tour, 3rd in the Tee Off Classic, and 2nd in his first high school regional tournament as a freshman.

“Because I mean I got lucky and I was blessed to be where I am now,” said Evan.

Darren Prickett, Evan’s father, added: “So Evan was born with mesoblastic nephroma which was a tumor on his kidney and it had to be removed within 10 days of him being born."

Evan was born on Masters week, and the surgeon that removed his kidney is Dr. Charles Howell, the father of the pro golfer by the same name who was playing in the Masters that year.

Evan’s family felt it was fate, and his father showed him the fairway.

“As the years have gone by his game has far surpassed my game, so now it’s more of a spectator sport for me as I’m watching my son grow.” said Darren.

“It’s just a one-man sport,” added Evan. “This is your sport, and you’ve got to fix it yourself, and you’ve got to go out there and do it yourself.”

Mark Thomas, Evan’s golf coach at Fox Creek High School, said: “I mean he already has the talent and the tools. He’s got every shot he needs in the bag.”

Evan built up his gold knowledge and his GPA to a weighted 4.13 with his sights set on college and dreams of making it to the PGA.

“That’s the next goal – get a college scholarship, play golf, go to school, get a degree,” said Darren.

“I just want to show myself and everybody else that I can go out there and play good golf,” added Evan.

Evan said he enjoyed watching his surgeon’s son, Charles Howell, play in the Masters.

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