Golf fans brave final round despite weather conditions

Golf fans brave final round despite weather conditions

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The 2019 Masters Tournament finished with Tiger Woods taking home his fifth green jacket. Just like the dramatic finish on the golf course, patrons left in a hurry as stormy weather rolled in.

When the severe weather sent the masses home, Augustan Arjay Jones explained the crowds exit. He said, “Pandemonium is actually a fair word to use. Chaos, and what have you. There was a lot of foot traffic earlier on, when people were trying to avoid the impending storms, but it actually hasn’t been as bad as we were anticipating.”

The expected storm led to the final round starting hours early. Golf fan, Graham Collie from New Zealand said, “The way they’ve done it and changed it around for the format today was really wonderful.” The changes were perfect timing, as well.

Fan Matthew Anderson, from California, said, “I bought a 45-dollar umbrella. Besides that, I didn’t have to use it, so that was a plus.” Severe weather didn’t start rolling in until after the tournament ended, which gave patrons a chance to see Woods’ historic comeback without added stress. Fan Michael O’Hara, from California, said, “We were a little worried. We were thinking we were going to have to push our plane tickets.”

Some patrons who have been coming for years say the weather today was nothing. Peter Crowley, who comes to watch every year from Ireland, said, “This is easy weather. This is what we call a soft day in Ireland.”

After folks evacuated from the course, they went to local restaurants to celebrate the win before heading home.

The rainy weather completely cleared up in the CSRA by 7 o’clock.

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