Preparation done by local businesses for Masters helps with the rest of the year

Preparation done by local businesses for Masters helps with the rest of the year
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AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - As Masters week comes to a close, there’s no doubt local businesses have seen an impact. Just a few miles from the golf course, some local businesses shared how they prepared for the tournament, and how it propels them into the rest of the year.

Local business owners and employees shared that it starts with first impressions. From the boutiques to the restaurants, preparation is key in making sure Masters’ tourists enjoy their experience in Augusta. Kaye, Baker, an employee at Swank, said, “We did make a display because of the Masters.”

The owner of the French Market Grille, Walter Clay, said, “I spend a great bit of the first three months of the year training my staff like we’ve never been open." Clay said that training builds the momentum that gets them through the rest of the year.

Whether it’s a restaurant or a clothing store, the preparation has a lot of thought behind it. Clay said, “Out-of-towners come in and they want big steaks. They want, you know, our specialty dishes, and they don’t really want salads or sandwiches. So, we take those things off the menu and focus on what they’re going to get.” At Swank, Baker says they try to increase inventory that is themed around Augusta. No matter what, the top priority is making sure people visiting feel right at home. Baker said, “We were excited about it, because we always enjoy it and meeting the new people.”

Changing things up to meet the needs of customers doesn’t only happen once a year for these businesses. Clay said, “The change in the weather, the seasons, we get busy at those times.” Baker added, ”We do that with every holiday or anything special that comes up."

Even though the tournament will be over next week, these businesses say they will continue to boom because locals will be coming back from vacation.

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