Patrons talk about changes over the decades at Augusta National

Patrons talk about changes over the decades at Augusta National
The Masters: Par 3 Wednesday

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta National Golf Club is always working to make the Masters Tournament experience the best it can be for patrons and the world’s best golfers.

But the old saying goes the only constant in life is change.

The same goes here at the Masters and Augusta National Golf Club according to patrons who visit year after year.

Just this past week, an announcement in the change to the tee box at No. 5 and the walk-through from No. 4 to No. 5, to the discussion about potential changes to the final prayer on Amen Corner.

Additions outside of the course include a tunnel that will soon go under Washington Road.

These changes and the ones that came before it have built the Tournament into what it is today. Augustan Andrew Fitz Symms has been attending the Masters for 40 years looks back on how the Masters ticket policy has changed over the years.

“They were actually going door to door years ago and then when I was growing up, when I was younger, we could actually go to the gate and we could purchase a practice round ticket at the gate. Of course, that has changed dramatically,” Fitz Symms said.

Now, for patrons the best chance to get inside the gate is to enter the ticket lottery for the 2020 Masters:

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