Masters: what to do when there is a weather warning

Masters: what to do when there is a weather warning
Masters weather warning

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - If you are attending the Masters Tournament this weekend there is a threat of rain and possible storms.

A game plan before rain or severe weather strikes will help keep you safe.

According to the Masters spectator guide, here is a list of places to avoid during inclement weather:

  • bodies of water
  • golf cars
  • hilltops and high places
  • observation stands
  • open areas
  • wire fences
  • isolated trees

The guide also outlines places to see the WEATHER WARNING sign. It will appear on all scoreboards and message boards. The spectator guide asks that if you see the sign, to start taking precautions then.

If play must be suspended or the course evacuated, patrons and golfers alike will hear an air horn and announcement over the speakers.

If the course is evacuated, the most important thing to do is always follow the direction of Augusta National Golf Club staff and emergency personnel working the Tournament.

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