Patrons react to Augusta National tunnel announcement

Patrons react to Augusta National tunnel announcement

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta National Golf Club confirmed and announced Wednesday the plans to construct a tunnel underneath Washington Rd., connecting the north side of the road to the primary property near Azalea Ln.

“With the much-appreciated support of the City of Augusta and the State of Georgia, this summer we will begin a multi-year development of a portion of our property north of Washington Road,” chairman Fred S. Ridley announced. “Site work is already underway and in a matter of weeks, we will commence construction of a tunnel connecting an area near Gate 1 to new development on the north side of the road.”

Augustans already noticed that mound of red dirt piling up this past winter, that disappeared just before Golf Weeks. "As long as it doesn’t change the outward appearance of Augusta (National) . . . they start messing with that then I think they are really making an error,” Bob Correa states.

The tunnel will lead to a state of the art global broadcast and digital village.

Patron Donnie Smith says it is a move forward and that is good. "It’s great. It’s technology. It’s innovation. That is where everybody’s going. I don’t know if I’ll ever see the tunnel or if any of these people will see the tunnel but I guess it’ll be ease of access for some people to access the event,” Smith said.

The digital changes announced aren’t just for the working media and Tournament staff. Patrons visiting town and fans at home will have an immediate access the The Masters like nothing golf has ever seen. According to Chairman Ridley, for the first time ever in golf you will be able to follow every shot of every player during every competetive round. Ridley said it will be available through the Masters app and leaderboard tracking features. When talking to patrons, the question came up, does this new feature take away from the exclusitivity of attending the Masters? Jesus Garay says no. "The Masters (Tournament) can only gain by giving people access via of virtual experience and even doing that there is no virtual experience thats going to surpass or surplant actually being here,” Garay said.

In the words of the Chairman Ridley, nothing stands still, change is bound to happen, even on these storied hills.

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