Augusta National Golf Club announces changes for the Masters

Augusta National Golf Club announces changes for the Masters

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - At Wednesday’s press conference Augusta National Golf Club Chairman, Fred S. Ridley, announced changes golfers and patrons are already experiencing this week.

But with the official announcement comes explanations for the improvements at Hole No. 4 Flowering Crab Apple and No. 5 Magnolia.

"The fan experience has been a great one," said Mark Baker of Summit, New Jersey.

Baker attended the Masters before this year and noticed the ease of flow between holes right away.

"The fifth tee was moved back and shifted away from the fourth green," Ridley said. "While this hole now measures 40 yards longer, we believe this change maintains the original design philosophy of Bobby Jones and Alister MacKenzie.”

The change allows patrons to walk between 4 and 5 with ease, creating a new walkway and access down the right side of Magnolia.

“Definitely it was a pain point for all of us patrons out here the walking in between four and five," Braden Galyon of Knoxville, Tenn., " It’s made it accessible for us and now we get to see a little more of what the players are dealing with.”

In April 3's Golf Week, 2007 Masters Tournament Champion Zach Johnson describes 4,5 and 6 "hallelujah corner."

To keep up with the difficulty, and reputation, the bunkers on Magnolia were also adjusted to the distance, so it makes the already difficult hill more of a challenge.

Now that we're seeing the changes in effect, RIdley was asked what about changes to the other, original, holy trinity of golf?

Amen Corner.

“Although we now have options to increase the length of this hole, we intend to wait to see how distance may be addressed by the governing bodies before we take any action,” Ridley concluded.

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