Rain or shine patrons will enjoy the Masters

Rain or shine patrons will enjoy the Masters


A huge turnout for the Masters Tournament practice, despite the rainy weather. FOX 54 news reporter Miya Payton was with patrons and talked to several of them about their Masters experience.

“If you have a passion for the game of golf you’ll be here in the rain or shine,” said patron Kimberly Martin.

“We kept checking past couple of weeks how the weather was going to be and we brought ponchos, we got some back up ponchos too, so we are ready,” explained patron Jordan Pabian.

Many patrons came out on Tuesday to enjoy the course but due to the weather they were told to leave after only being out for a couple of hours.

“I don’t want to go home because it’s my first time at the masters. So I’ll be really sad if I have to leave but maybe we can come again next year,” said patron Tom Kennedy.

Luckily Tom Kennedy did not have have to leave the course for long . Augusta National re-opened its gates around 12:45 p.m. Although the rain made the grass slippery patrons splattered along watching the golfers who took the field, one being Haotong Li.

“Of course the golf course is going to be softer which will help in many of ways but if it’s raining while they’re out there then playing can be difficult. It’ll be fun to watch,” said patron Joe Martin.

“I think the players may be a little grateful that they are able to practice in the rain given Sunday it may rain. I think they want to play the course in the hardest condition possible so that they’re ready for whatever happens,” said patron Matt Lebrun.

Jordan Pabian played golf in college and shares insight on what its like playing in the rain. “Each player is different but definitely for me I know every shot is going to be different especially when it’s raining and the ground is soggy.”

More days are ahead for the Masters this week and the hope is there will be more clear skies.

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