UPDATE: Suspect charged with aggravated battery after video surfaces

UPDATE: Suspect charged with aggravated battery after video surfaces

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The Burke County Sheriff’s Office tells FOX 54 that 32-year-old Dedrick Phillips is now in custody at the Burke County Detention Center and has been charge with aggravated battery.

Sunday evening, the Burke County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) released a video of individuals putting a community in danger. A person was beaten and left laying on the ground to die. According to BCSO, no one helped the man or called 9-1-1 until after shots were fired. In a release BCSO says “Sheriff Alfonzo Williams, all of the BCSO and Waynesboro Police Department want to make it clear that we will not tolerate this type of activity in Burke County.”

Officials advise that, “If you don’t live in a housing project and you are trespassing, drinking, loitering, and/or any other type of illegal activity, plan on being dealt with accordingly.”

BCSO: Man beaten and left for dead

Sheriff Alfonzo Williams would like to thank the community for providing much needed information on the suspect. “We understand that many individuals may not jump in to help during an assault, fight, or shooting. However, dialing 911 at the very least a morale obligation and certainly could save lives. Multiple rounds fired around children, families, infants and others is absurd and will not be tolerated. We are working hard to ensure every participant is brought to justice.”

The sheriff’s office stated that there will be additional arrests and charges forthcoming.

The victim is currently in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

BCSO also states, “There are many good people that need a helping hand and live in housing authority complexes and they deserve better than this. If you live there and are part of the problem or have unruly guests you will be evicted.”

Anyone with any information (names, reasons, etc.) may contact CID at 706-554-2133 or send them a direct message via Facebook or you can go to their website and send anonymously. BCSO says they will always keep informants confidential.

According to the release, “We are following up on everything that occurred during this incident and ensuring that everyone involved is dealt with to the fullest extent allowable by law.”

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