Augusta locals are getting their homes rent ready for the Masters

Augusta locals are getting their homes rent ready for the Masters

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - People are flooding into Augusta this week for the big tournament and renting out hotels and homes in the area. Several people in Augusta are tidying up their homes for renters.

“You just can’t beat it because in Augusta, it’s cheating when you own real estate so it’s one of the fantastic things about being in the town,” said David Hogan, a local who is no stranger to renting out his home during the Masters tournament.

“Ideally you have it booked up well before Thanksgiving, as far as preparations there’s only so much you can do if you’re still living there,” Hogan said.

A fresh set of linens, towels and some staples are a few things needed when preparing a home. Hogan says it’s important to make sure the guests have the necessities.

“You’re not expected to leave them a great deal of stuff in the fridge, and pantry just kind of the basic essentials, eggs, milk, beer, orange juice,” Hogan explained.

An ongoing tradition he’s prepared for ever since he was a kid. “Born and raised in Augusta Georgia, rented Master’s week my whole life, typically to golfers.”

Hogan also uses this opportunity as a chance to get a kick start on some spring cleaning, “Half of it’s for the rental, the other half is just something you needed to get done anyway.”

According to Hogan, the number one reason people rent their homes is not for the fun of it. ""t’s not convenient for anyone its a little bit of a hassle so its absolutely for the additional income," Hogan said.

One big tip he says will save you a lot of trouble is not getting overwhelmed by the preparations. “I recommend not stressing out too much, I know people who haven’t rented because they were too stressed over the work to get ready and it’s a good solid cleaning, it’s not as insane as everyone makes it out to be,” Hogan explained.

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