Young girls in Augusta motivated to swing a little higher

Young girls in Augusta motivated to swing a little higher

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The excitement of all this week’s golf action is spreading to another group across the CSRA – young people. This week’s Augusta National Women’s Amateur tournament might have been the catalyst for several young girls in the area for them, it’s all about girl power, and they’re showing off their skills one tee at a time.

In a sea of boys at The First Tee in Augusta you can find Paris Prater honing her skills on the golf course. “I do feel confident going against the opposite gender I think it’s pretty cool,” Prater said.

Another young girl, Reese Martin, shares the same feelings of confidence. “It makes me feel powerful because I have a better chance against boys,” Martin said.

The Augusta National Women’s Amateur tournament has made a way for young girls to continue their efforts on the green. “It makes me feel a little special because I’m a girl playing golf with a lot of boys actually,” Prater said.

So far, Jill Brown, Executive Director of The First Tee of Augusta, says there hasn’t been a huge spark of interest for young girls to come out since the tournament began, but they are hopeful that will change with time.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what the positive result is going to be, I know it won’t be an immediate one but I know we’re going to get there,” Brown said.

Martin hopes she will be able to encourage other girls to get on the course. “Because if I inspire them, they’ll be able to be like, ‘Hey I bet I can do that too.’”

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