County Commissioners want bill that would expand Harlem vetoed

County Commissioners want bill that would expand Harlem vetoed

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The Columbia County Board of Commissioners agreed to oppose House Bill 598 that was introduced in the 2019-20 regular session of the Georgia General Assembly. If passed, the bill will expand Harlem, increasing the size of the city through annexation.

According Resolution number 19-15, the governing body of Columbia County says those in Harlem failed to notify them of this bill before it was sent to the house. It also states that 4 people who own more than one-third of the property on the land to be annexed, are against the proposition.

The commissioners of Columbia County say they are in support of those landowners positions in the unincorporated area. According to the resolution, first responders also have given input on some safety concerns they have with the annexation.

The county says they support Harlem for wanting to expand and encourage their growth, but if it is done in the right way.

Commissioners with Columbia County did not want to comment at this time. The city commissioners and Mayor of Harlem were contacted but could not be reached for comment.

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