H54K: Award winning local 9-year-old golfer Karsyn Herron

H54K: Award winning local 9-year-old golfer Karsyn Herron

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Augusta National Women’s Amateur tournament is something that could inspire a whole generation of young ladies and it’s already touched the life of a talented young female golfer in North Augusta.

9-year-old Karsyn Herron is a local U.S. Kids World Championship golfer. Herron has played golf since the age of 7 and can already hit a long drive of 163 yards.

“I practice about three times a week and then we play about two and then Saturday and Sunday I have competitions.” said Herron.

Herron plays for South Carolina Junior golf and last year she was invited to the U.S. Kids World Championship, since then she has played in many different tournaments.

Golf coach, Wayne Ackerson said, When I started with Karsyn I noticed that she picks up on instruction pretty quickly."

With the Augusta National Women’s Amateur on the horizon, she tells FOX 54 she is “excited because when I grow up I can be there”.

Gene Herron, Karsyn’s dad says, “I like just to see her be happy, do something that she wants to do, and if it takes her to college or something that would just be great.”

Just this past weekend Karsyn placed third in the region, for her age group, at the US Kids tournament at Jekyll Island.

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