Boatwright family makes Aiken Steeplechase their annual tradition

Boatwright family makes Aiken Steeplechase their annual tradition

AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA (WFXG) - George Boatwright - here at Aiken Steeplechase for the 14th year. Festivities get his heart pumping.

“Competition, horses, racing,” he explained.

His love for horses started at an early age: growing up on a farm, watching the animals work.

Each year he brings his family and for the first time his grandkids attended together. They traveled the 55 miles from Hopkins, South Carolina to spend quality time.

They all have a favorite element.

“Eating and walking around, family time, talking," said Desmond Boatwright.

Ashanti Boatwright said, “Actually, this is my first year here but my grandad’s been telling me about it for years. And I was just like ‘I’ll come and then I never did. I’m glad I came this year, I got to meet some new people.’”

Imani Boatright is the oldest grandchild. She went shopping Friday night for a sundress that could match the Spring fashions on the field.

“I love seeing the vendors, I love seeing everybody’s colorful clothes. It’s just an interesting time and I’m real excited about the race,” she explained.

A veteran patron at just 6-years-old, Morgan Jones said having fun with her family makes her happy - and she loves the horses.

“I like how they run really fast and all the people shouting because the horses run really, really, really, really fast," Jones said.

Here on the lawn, the atmosphere is just right for laughs and homemade food - all good for the soul. The Boatwrights say this is one tradition they hope will never get old.

“I have it so that when I’m no longer here they can still come, as long as they pay the parking," George Boatwright explained.

And he’s got two spaces - so they can attend as long as they want.

The organization gives back to the community with donations - from events like this - to charities like Aiken SPECA and Golden Harvest Food Bank.

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