Public meeting on Lock & Dam reveals Alternative 1-1 is not an option

Public meeting on Lock & Dam reveals Alternative 1-1 is not an option

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The public was invited to a meeting Thursday in the Augusta Chambers to comment on the New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam. Various leaders in congress made an appearance to give their thoughts on the project.

Emotions were high as many people discussed the effects the simulation had on their property. Others passionately expressed the importance of keeping the river levels high because of the negative impact lowering the river would have.

Though, many thought Alternative 1-1 would be an option, the US Army Corps of engineers says it’s off the table. Russell Wicke, US Army Corps of Engineers, says it won’t be as effective as they need it to be.

“After a consultation with NOA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) fisheries, they told us what we had originally believed, which was that 1-1 wouldn’t be as efficient at passing fish as an alternative that included a fixed weir that goes the length of the river,” Wicke explained.

Robert Petit, Mayor of North Augusta, says the impact of what the US Army Corps of Engineers are talking about will be devastating to the surrounding cities. “I find it frightening quite honestly, that the endangered species act is being used to damage our cities and this community.”

Wicke says there are more alternatives in the report that will hold water at a higher level that include a fixed weir, one of those options is 2-6a. You can find out more here about the differences between Alternative 2-6d and Alternative 1-1.

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