H54K: Richmond County senior receives over a million dollars in scholarships

H54K: Richmond County senior receives over a million dollars in scholarships

AUGUSTA (WFXG) - 17-year-old Jakelia Baker, a senior at Lucy C. Laney High School, received over a million dollars worth of scholarships and has over 50 college acceptances.

Just as she leads her high school band as drum major, she leads her high school class as valedictorian with a 4.1 GPA.

“I’m very excited!,” said Baker.

Bill Dunbar, Jakelia’s AP Literature teacher, said: “If you had a classroom full of Jakelia’s, you’d be a happy teacher.”

Denise Baker, Jakelia’s mom, added: "For me it’s exciting I know for her it’s really exciting. I opened one up and I was like Jakelia you got excepted and she’s like mommmm.”

“Some include Penn State, University of Michigan, University of Oklahoma,” said Jakelia.

“Every now and then you’ll have the students who come along and they’re like that go to students in the school,” said Dunbar. “If you want to show off the school, you pull in Jakelia Baker.”

On top of a “banging” GPA, her list of extra curricular goes on.

Jakelia Baker - 17 years old lucy c laney high school

“Once volleyball is over then you have basketball and then basketball math team academic Decathalon still and then a little bit of student council, National Honor Society, and then after Christmas break you have soccer, tennis, and golf and then a little bit of marching band still, and then math team competition starts coming in,” explained Jakelia

“I was in the military so her standards are really high,” explained Denise. “I think one time when she was in middle school her teacher kind of gave her a grade that she didn’t really like and so she said she would never put that in the teachers hands ever again and she would work very very hard.”

“I want her most of all to be an example - other girls who come to the school, the same types of halls that they’re walking the same types of neighborhoods that they live in they believe that I can do that,” said Dunbar.

“There are always people that are going to tell you that you can’t do something or you won’t be something – you just have to ignore them and keep pushing,” said Jakelia.

Jakelia is keeping the school she will ultimately choose a secret.

She said she was accepted into her number one pick, and she’s also set to join the school’s volleyball team. She’s waiting to reveal her choice on signing day.

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