Islamic Society of Augusta member speaks out on attacks to New Zealand mosque’s

Islamic Society of Augusta member speaks out on attacks to New Zealand mosque’s

COLUMBIA COUNTY (WFXG) - Local mosques in the CSRA are taking protective measures after the attack in New Zealand. Members of the local Islamic Society in Augusta say hatred has no place in the mosque or in our country.

People enter the mosque five times a day to pray at the Islamic Society of Augusta, as they remove their shoes to practice their faith, the last thing they expect is an attack. Hearing the news of 49 people losing their lives in New Zealand made Dr. Hossam Fadel, Chair of Board of Trustees Islamic Society of Augusta, very upset.

“I felt significant anger and dismay and being very upset, not just because they are Muslim, they are human beings.”

This is not the first time there has been an attack to a mosque and Dr. Fadel says it is unacceptable. “Killing of people in their place of worship is something that nobody will accept whether you like Muslims or don’t like Muslims this is not the way."

That’s the message that the local Muslim community wants to spread about the constant attacks at people’s places of worship. The Islamic Society of Augusta did have more deputies monitoring their community center on Friday, but they say having a deputy patrol the area is nothing unusual.

“We always have some security because unfortunately this happens in our country, and you probably know that we sometimes have threats ourselves here, so as a precaution we always have security,” Dr. Fadel explained.

While they continue to pray for those that were affected by the attack, they are praying nothing like this happens again. “We need to keep educating the people that bigotry doesn’t have a place in this country, hatred of others shouldn’t be something that we talk about or practice,” Dr. Fadel explained.

The Islamic Society of Augusta will be having an event in response to the attacks on Sunday at 6 p.m. and it is open to the public.

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