Improvements coming to Lake Olmstead

Improvements likely coming to Lake Olmstead

AUGUSTA (WFXG) - The Augusta Recreation and Parks Department held a community meeting Thursday to discuss possible changes coming to Lake Olmstead. The proposed plans include improvements for the Julian Smith Casino, the BBQ Pit, and the Gazebo.

The proposed updates include improvements to the restrooms in both buildings, and changes to the kitchens, electrical upgrades, and new energy efficient windows for the casino.

Dennis Williams, Richmond County District 2 Commissioner, said: “It’s necessary for some of the improvements to be made. Because if you let your infrastructure go and go and go, it costs so much when you do have to fix it. It’s time that we look out for tomorrow today.”

Augusta Recreation and Parks Director Glenn Parker added: “Will it affect peoples rental, sure it will affect your rental in some way, we hope we don’t have to cancel any renters and that was stressted with architects up front, while we will inconvenience you, we want to inconvenience you as little as possible.”

The project is set to cost $1.4 million, and construction should start in the fall.

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