H54K: 9-year-old wheelchair-enabled boy works to participate in a half marathon

H54K: 9-year-old wheelchair-enabled boy works to participate in a half marathon

EVANS (WFXG) - Born 3 and half months too early, Noah Williams’ fight to survive and thrive began in the womb. Doctors didn’t expect him live.

Naomi Williams, Noah’s mother, says he has a laundry list of diagnoses including cerebral palsy, but now the 9-year-old is defying odds with every step.

“That’s a mile stone for us what he did today is a mile stone and many people would say what did he do?,” said Naomi Williams.

Every step is a feat over 2 years in the making. The fact that he can hold his own head up now: life-changing.

Kelsey Miles, Noah’s physical therapist, explained: “That might not sound like a lot to everyone but for interaction with the world around you and for swallowing breathing that’s a huge deal.”

Noah is an athlete with the Kyle Pease Foundation, getting ready for the Publix Half Marathon Sunday, Mar. 17 in Atlanta after taking part in countless other assisted races. His mother is pushing him forward after doctors said he might never take a single step.

“From that point forward I had made a promise to Noah that as long as I could run and as long as I could walk I would do that for him,” said Naomi Williams.

And while Noah is non-verbal, he can understand, sharing a part of himself in his paintings. His mother shares his journey in a book in hopes that others may understand too.

“When we think of handicapped or invalid or wheelchair-bound you get a picture," said Naomi Williams. "When you hear when I hear differently-abled it’s like oh I wonder what that means. So they do things differently? And that’s our life. So yes were different but we’re not less. Noah’s life has as much value as mine does.”

“I would just hope that he has a happy life and sorry that everyone treats him sorry but everyone treats him that he deserves to be treated,” added Miles.

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