Harlem City Council seat vacant, after member resigns

Harlem City Council seat vacant, after member resigns

HARLEM (WFXG) - A city council seat in Harlem is now vacant after a council member resigned. A meeting was called Wednesday to discuss the options of how to fill the empty seat.

Councilwoman Jennifer Bennett is moving out of the city limits, which makes her unable to hold her seat. Harlem City Manager, Brett Cook, there are many different ways the seat can be filled.

“We’re looking at making the appointment sometime between now and after qualifying. Just depending on the circumstances that might arise and individuals that express an interest in serving,” Cook said.

If you’d like to run for the open council seat in Harlem there are a few requirements: you have to be registered to vote, be older than 18 and have lived in the city limits longer than a year. The qualifying dates are August 19th- 23rd. The fee to run is $108. There will be a total of two seats open in August.

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