Who’s going to use the mayor’s new SUV?

Who’s going to use the mayor’s new SUV?

AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - We brought you this story last week - Mayor Hardie Davis is getting a new vehicle. The Central Services Department is working to purchase a Chevy Tahoe

Commissioners said they’re confused about who’s going to use it. Some commissioners we spoke to said Mayor Davis originally said it’s for his staff.

Depending on who it’s for - there are some state rules they’ve got to follow.

“We need to make sure, is it going to be for the mayor or for the staff? If it’s for the staff, it’s got to be while, it’s got to have a logo on it because those are the rules. If it’s for the mayor, we have to have a public hearing for the public to come in and decide whether they want him to have a logo on it or not,” explained District 9 Commissioner Marion Williams.

Commissioner Williams said he wants to know where will the vehicle will be kept and if it’ll be taken home. Tuesday, commissioners couldn’t officially vote - because it’s a committee day

They unanimously voted to send this forward to the full commission for clarification next Tuesday.

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