What makes a woman successful?

What makes a woman successful?

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Who lights a light and then hides it? The answer should be no one. This is the thinking behind Women of Worth, their goal is for successful women to extend a hand to those who are working to join them at the top. Women Of Worth is a local group that strives to change the lives of women in the community through peer-to-peer mentorship.

“I’m going to tell you about Mrs. Wendy. She is an experienced health care manager, registered nurse, and educator,” said Gerilyn de Laurentys, who is an organizer of Women of Worth.

Wendy Perry is a successful woman despite being molested twice at a young age, losing both of her parents, having a miscarriage, and dealing with infidelity in her marriage.

“Your life is not the sum of all of the things that came together hold you down. Your life is about embracing the collective things that built you up, created you, and made you who you are,” explained Wendy Perry. Her words and her story encouraged the Women of Worth.

“When she was speaking it hit close to home and my mentor was telling me I have to forgive so I can move forward,” said member Larita Calhoun.

“I’ve had some hardship over the past five years. I’m hoping that this group of women will support me as I get back up on my feet, find a great job in this area, become apart of this community and give back.” said member Jamie Pate.

Hardships are bound to come and holding on to the pain it brings can cause the most damage.

“You’re not able to give your all because you’re still holding something within that’s stunting your growth and stunting your success,” explained Ann Perry.

In addition to sharing inspiring stories every month the group will discuss professional skills. This month the ladies learned a lot about the use of social media as a marketing tool to promote business.

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