Commissioners want to repair Lake Olmstead Stadium’s patio deck before Memorial Day Weekend

Commissioners want to repair Lake Olmstead Stadium’s patio deck before Memorial Day Weekend

AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - A lot of events scheduled to kick off at Lake Olmstead Stadium soon. BanjoBQue music festival is set for Memorial Day Weekend.

The 7,000 square foot patio deck at the stadium is in bad condition and the festival plans to use it as a VIP area.

The Central Services Department Director Takiyah Douse told Richmond County commissioners it’s repairable - but it’s in worse condition than they originally thought. She also said it’s a safety concern.

To demolish and rebuild would cost $250,000. It would cost $75,000 for a local contractor to make necessary repairs - that would only bring it up to an ‘acceptable safety standard’.

Central Services Department employees say they’d need $25,000 of additional money - for materials - it to be done in house, with the help of inmate labor.

Commissioners asked department staff a series of questions, including how many certified carpenters are on staff, and discussed various methods to get the job done.

“We got a lot of events going on out there and I don’t want anybody to be injured or harmed,” said District 1 Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

District 6 Commissioner Ben Hasan said he’s seen enough disasters across the country and doesn’t want to potentially risk safety by saving money with an in house job.

“As we look across the country, really across the world, platforms are falling. You, know...people can hurt just the same. So, as a result of that I think we should contract it out...rather be safe than sorry.”

Tuesday in the committee meeting, commissioners unanimously voted to outsource the work - and they’ll make a final decision in full commission meeting next week. There’s also discussion of checking to see if this can qualify for an emergency procurement.

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