Dad bombarded with birthday wishes after sons post his number on billboard

Sons prank dad with birthday billboard

LINWOOD, NJ (WCBS/CNN) - A man has received more than 15,000 messages and calls wishing him a happy birthday, and it’s all thanks to an elaborate prank put together by his sons.

Chris Ferry’s birthday is coming up March 16. The man is already receiving well wishes, but the messages are coming from strange numbers.

“Saying ‘happy birthday.’ I said, ‘Who’s this?’ He said Nick. ‘Nick who?’ ‘You don’t know me.’ ‘How do you know it’s my birthday?’ ‘I saw it on a billboard,’” Chris Ferry said.

His and phone number are listed on a giant billboard as you drive into Atlantic City towards the casinos. It reads: “Wish my dad happy birthday. Love. your sons.”

“Just wanted to wish him an extra special birthday,” son Mike Ferry said.

Chris Ferry’s two sons, Chris and Mike, who live in Florida, paid for the billboard.

“I’m getting things like, ‘My father’s birthday was the 16th, He passed four years, so I’m contacting you in memory of him.’”

It’s a continuation of a childhood prank they would play on their dad at restaurants.

“They would always tell the waiter or waitresses that it’s my birthday, even though it wasn’t,” the elder Chris Ferry said.

Mike Ferry said they thought local friends would get a kick out of it - and they did - but so have others around the world.

“It was fun until this morning, then I wanted to kill them, but I’m going with it. I’m having a good time. Most of the messages have been ... well two or three that were not nice,” the father said.

The dad said he’s going to get even with his boys.

“I would love to see him try. I just want to say I love my dad. He always puts other people first, especially me and my brother,” Mike Ferry said.

The billboard will stay up through April 6.

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