H54K: Columbia County student finds her voice through her feet

H54K: Columbia County student finds her voice through her feet

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - At the young age of 12, Charlie Faler already has a decade of dance experience, finding her voice through her feet.

“I feel like dance is just a way to express yourself, outside of like talking, and also it’s a way for you to be more confident,” said Charlie Faler.

Byron Faler, Charlie’s dad, added: “She’s extremely kind and understanding, but she has no fear about being in front of an audience or anything like that.”

She’s also a triple threat singing and acting in addition to dance.

Tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, and lyrical: all styles in her wheelhouse as she sharpens her skills for competition.

“I don’t even know how many competitions," said Charlie Faler. "We kind of lost track. Every March, every weekend of March, we do competitions; and we prepare them from like August until March.”

“Dance as well as all the arts have been really great for developing," added Byron Faler. "Certainly her creativity and ability to express herself, but also hard work, dedication, social bonding, social skills.”

Her advice for others trying to find their shine: “Keep on going with it you’ll feel it later if you don’t feel it now and just always pursue it because you might find out that it’s your passion,” said Charlie Faler.

She’s grateful for those who helped fuel her passion.

“I would like to thank Miss Stephanie and Miss Brandy at this dance studio, and another choreographer Miss Carrie, and everyone in theaters such as Mr. Scott and Mr. Roy, and I would like to thank my voice teacher Cameron, and just like my family and all my friends,” said Charlie Faler.

“Keep dreaming and look forward to what you want to do and do everything that you can to achieve it, and so far she’s been doing a great job of that,” added Byron Faler.

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