Grovetown Political Forum holds Grovetown Debate

Grovetown Political Forum holds Grovetown Debate

GROVETOWN (WFXG) - The Grovetown Political Forum held a debate at the Grovetown Council Chambers, Wednesday. Allen Transou and Marsha Keating are running for the chair, but only Transou showed up to the debate.

Allen Transou answered questions about the growth of Grovetown, rezoning and public safety. Transou believes the Grovetown community can be safer starting with giving better benefits to first responders.

“We have to be able to generate or build the rates of our police officers and public safety officials to where its comfortable or comparable to other agencies around the area, that way we can maintain officers and they’re not gaining anything by leaving Grovetown, if they stay in Grovetown they’re going to make the same as another municipality if not more,” Transou said.

City Council member Dennis Trudeau resigned in October of last year, leavinging his seat has been vacant since.

Keating did not want to comment.

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