Tin Lizzy’s in Augusta closes, employees given almost no warning

Tin Lizzy’s in Augusta closes, employees given almost no warning

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Another business along Washington Road closed it’s doors. Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, a tex-mex restaurant serving Augustans since 2015, stopped operations Wednesday, Feb. 27.

A sign posted on the front door tells customers, “Unfortunately, Tin Lizzy’s Augusta is closing its doors effective 2/27/19.” That sign was evidently posted Wednesday morning, as employees told FOX 54 reporter Lex Juarez that a handful of them found out when they showed up for work and discovered they were out of a job. Lillian Palomar and Alexis White were two of the five employees who found the sign Wednesday morning. White said, “Everyone was just devastated and mad that we were told over a note on the door that was actually left for our customers.”

Closing sign on Tin Lizzy's Augusta
Closing sign on Tin Lizzy's Augusta (Source: Lex Juarez)

Those employees later found out that staff was actually notified via email. Palomar said, “We got a message from our HR manager telling us that there is nothing else they could do for us.” That email came from the Director of Learning and Development for Southern Proper Hospitality, Colleen Morrow, at 9:20 a.m., just over an hour and half before the restaurant was supposed to open.

The email says employees will be eligible to receive unemployment and provides information for how to apply. It also says the restaurant will be empty for 2 months. After working for Tin Lizzy’s for over a year, Palomar said it was devastating for this to happen, especially finding out like she did. She said, “I’ve done whatever I needed to do to invest in this restaurant, and for the restaurant not to look back at their employees and care about their staff and care about what happens after they choose to close or do whatever with their restaurant is pretty disappointing.”

Email sent to Tin Lizzy's Augusta employees
Email sent to Tin Lizzy's Augusta employees

On top of the stress of losing their jobs, the staff said they are scrambling to find new jobs in time for the busiest week of the year. Palomar said, "It’s going to be really hard for me to find another job that’s going to train me in time for Masters.

FOX 54s Lex Juarez spoke with management at the World of Beer next door. They said the restaurant will be extending employment opportunities some former Tin Lizzy’s employees. Stephanie Lynn, Key Manager at World of Beer, said, “It’s a sad situation, so if we can help out in any way, we’d like them to come in.” Lynn said some Tin Lizzy’s employees had already submitted applications, and that they would try to get through the hiring and training process as quickly as possible.

FOX 54 has reached out to Tin Lizzy’s corporate people multiple times to find out why the restaurant closed and why employees were not notified prior to.

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