Newest addition to Summerville community: a “Little Free Pantry”

Newest addition to Summerville community: a “Little Free Pantry”

SUMMERVILLE, GA (WFXG) - Drivers going through Summerville might notice a little white box next to Hill Baptist Church. That’s a new “Little Free Pantry," which was sponsored by the church and put up by a local girl scout to combat food insecurity in the area.

Hill Baptist Church Pastor Ron Jones said, “It’ll allow us to make food accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week." The little white box is filled with nonperishable goods. Pastor Jones added, "Hopefully it’ll meet those immediate needs that come up and get someone through to the next day.”

There’s a great need in our community for food that you might not know existed. Christina Alexander, Communications Coordinator, with Golden Harvest Food Bank said, “Here in the CSRA, one in six adults and one in five children suffer from food insecurity every day, which means they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.” With this box, Pastor Jones hopes this will alleviate some of that need. He said, “We know it’s not going to alleviate all of it.”

While food pantries like Golden Harvest can give people enough food for multiple meals, this box will help in the moments people don’t see coming. It will also give community members another chance to donate goods and help out.

Hannah Huff, a local girl scout and eighth grader in Columbia County Schools, worked with the church to get the box up as part of her project for her Silver Award. She said, ““It’s important to give back and help your community, especially with a big issue like this. To give back is to help other people in your community who aren’t as fortunate as you.” She spent about a year getting the project together, making the box and putting it up for the community to use. Pastor Jones said, ”It was a great partnership that we had with her and because of her hard work, we are now able to make this a reality and hopefully help some people.”

So far, Pastor Jones said the box has had to be refilled multiple times. It is one of three known Little Free Pantries in the community. Huff is excited to hear that people in the Summerville area are contributing and using the items inside. She said, ""It’s great feeling like people are appreciating what we are doing and helping actually get the food and more donations for it."

She says she hopes more white boxes will pop up around the community. For more information on the Little Free Pantry or how to put one up in an area near you, click here.

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