Business is booming for a local beekeeper

Business is booming for a local beekeeper

GROVETOWN (WFXG) - Spring is less than a month away, but one man’s bees have been hard at work making honey and carrying pollen. FOX 54 caught up with him and he shared his upcoming plans for his business and the secret behind his honey.

You’ve probably seen Danny Byrd on the side of Lewiston Rd. selling jars of honey, with bees hard at work just a few yards away. “I started off on the back of the tailgate of my truck and I had a sign up: 'honey for sale.”

Byrd says he originally got the bees to pollinate his garden at home. His mom gave him the idea to turn it into a business. One woman loves the honey so much she’s become a frequent customer. “I buy the honey maybe every month," Anne Kamely said.

Byrd says he’s switched the name of his business since he’s opening it. “It was ‘Byrds and the Bees,’ since I fooled with the bees and my last name is Byrd.”

Now he has around 100 hives spread across three locations including: Wilkes County, Lincolnton and Grovetown. Kamely says she’s very particular about where she gets her honey. “I want to buy only here, my honey.”

But what is it about this honey that keeps people coming back for more? “It ain’t really a secret, I got some honey that’s made here and then some in Lincolnton and we mix 'em together,” Byrd said.

Honey Bee Workshop not only offers honey but pollen from the bees too. “I like it too much because it’s organic,” Kamely said.

The honey is so good that customers like Kamely say they’ll follow Byrd to his next location when he moves in a couple of months. “Of course, definitely I will go there and buy it.”

Byrd says what really keeps the customers coming back is his customer service. “I always try to treat the customers good. That’s the name of the game, treating em good.”

In a few months Byrd will be moving his location to 6690 Washington Road in Appling.

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