Augusta University holds their 11th annual half marathon

Augusta University holds their 11th annual half marathon

AUGUSTA (WFXG) - People swarmed downtown Augusta Saturday morning for the 11th annual Augusta University half marathon 10k and 5k. Hundreds showed out to kick off the weekend by pushing their limits with fellow community members.

One group that ran together were patients of Augusta University’s Bariatric Surgery and Center of Obesity and Metabolism. They completed the run along with their surgeon.

The group wore black shirts with butterflies on them. on the back reading “transform your life.” Dr. Renee Hilton, Director, Bariatric Surgery, Center of Obesity and Metabolism says doing this with her patients sparked happiness.

“Some of these patients, when they first met me in clinic, and we talked about walking, they couldn’t walk. For me to stand at a finish line today and see some of these people run across it, with better times than I had, it’s the best feeling as a surgeon,” Hilton said.

Dr. Hilton says this week she will be heading to the Georgia Senate to fight for equality for the obese.

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