Law Enforcement in SC is visible as they work towards achieving Target Zero

Law Enforcement in SC is visible as they work towards achieving Target Zero

AIKEN COUNTY (WFXG) - North Augusta Public Safety has been teaming up with Aiken Department of Public Safety to keep drivers on the road safe at all times. Since 2013 there have been 1900 collisions on US 1 in North Augusta.

You may have seen posts on Facebook from North Augusta Public Safety (NAPS) that shows where they are to prevent you from breaking traffic laws.

Sergeant Aaron Fittery, in the Traffic Division of NAPS, says, “We’re looking for traffic infractions that range from speeding, seat belt, child safety seats, failing to yield right away, disregarding traffic signals, and disregarding traffic signs.”

That’s all apart of South Carolina’s Target Zero slogan, used to raise awareness about the traffic safety goals to reach the target of zero fatalities in South Carolina. Thursday officers were enforcing the laws on US 1 in North Augusta, US 1 is ranked second in fatalities in Aiken County.

“US 1, I know definitely for the city North Augusta it is one of our major highways and it’s also one of our major fatality highways, we lose more people on US 1 than any other roadway within our city,” Fittery said.

North Augusta Public Safety posts where they will be to remind you to obey the law which will create safer roadways. “It does so much by me letting people know. For one I’m showing that we’re not hiding trying to get people, I’m telling you where we’re gonna be at and what we’re looking for, it’s up to you to obey the law and slow down in those areas," Fittery explained.

So for those that believe officers are seeking to pull you over for profit they say that is not the case. “As you can see that’s not true, the city of North Augusta nor the city of Aiken benefit anything from being where we are today, we’re out here for one goal and one goal only, to save lives and prevent collisions.”

From Oct. 1st, 2017 to Sept. 30, 2018 in Aiken County there have been 30 fatalities and 32 people that have been killed. There were a total of 3,858 collisions reported and 1,437 people have been injured. Statistics also show 1,290 of the collisions were caused due to speeding and 15 of the fatalities resulted from speeding.

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