Owner cited after horses found wandering in Richmond County

Owner cited after horses found wandering in Richmond County

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - A Facebook post brought four women to the upper landing, where horses had been wandering in the road nearby Wednesday night and Thursday morning. So they brought their dog leashes and a determination to keep those horses safe.

This post, horses escaping their enclosure and traveling down Old Waynesboro Road got Emily Diles’ attention. The horse lover and her sister drove from Evans to Hephzibah Wednesday night.

“We came out here about 10 o’clock last night. When we got here the horses were actually on the road,” Diles said.

Diles said she pulled them onto the Upper Landing and used dog leashes to keep them off the road. She and her sister stayed with them, making sure they stayed in the pasture.

Thursday morning, the animals were back on the move - but all four women came to the rescue.

“They brought leashes, too and they brought some carrots so we all, we went across the street and we started wrangling up some horses,” Diles said.

The responding deputy saw six horses emerge from the woods to the road again. The report states that he used his patrol car ...trying to stop them.

“I ran down the road, waved my arms. I had a mare come out, she was on the road. She actually almost got hit,” Diles said.

RCSO narrative from wandering horse incident
RCSO narrative from wandering horse incident (Source: Richmond County Sheriff's Office)

Their owner, Lynette Taylor, told deputies over the phone she was aware the horses get out from time to time, but told the deputy, they will return home when they are ready, the report states. The deputy noted both Taylor and her son had been cited by Animal Control before.

Emily hopes these citations can lead to better care.

“Those horses were in very poor condition. If I had horses of my own again, they sure wouldn’t look like what those horses looked today/last night. It was heartbreaking," Diles said.

The City of Augusta and the sheriff’s office said three of those animals are in the custody of Animal Control and the other three are back at home with their owner.

Augusta Animal Control issued a total of four citations against Taylor. Three are on the charge of livestock running at large. One was issued for animal cruelty, which is pending a veterinarian’s review to determine if actual abuse occurred.

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