Neighbor helps man after drive-by shooting

Neighbor helps man after drive-by shooting

NORTH AUGUSTA (WFXG) - Two people are recovering from gunshot wounds after a drive-by shooting in North Augusta, Tuesday. Crime tape blocked off part of Pershing Drive after a drive-by shooting left two men injured and a car in someone’s apartment.

The shooting started on one end of the street and made it’s way down the other. One of the cars crashed right into a man’s front porch and that’s where the shooting continued before one unknown vehicle sped off.

Betty Rucker-Forbes witnessed shooting and crash she says, “It was a bad situation, it was really scary at the time." Rucker-Forbes was reading on her front porch when she heard the commotion.

“I looked up towards the woods and I saw this car come bouncing down. It was air borne by the time it hit the apartment,” Rucker-Forbes said. Not realizing there was a gun fight going on she started to go check if everyone was okay.

“I was running from the porch down to here and then I saw the flashes from the guns, and I turned around and hoofed it back up the driveway.” But before more gunfire started, she says two guys jumped out of the car and ran.

Paul Brown, witnessed the crash and helped the man that was shot. “One guy jumped out and then the other tried to jump out and he fell, collapsed,” Brown said.

He didn’t skip a beat before running over to help. He said he noticed the boy had been shot and dragged him four doors down to safety. “I got him inside, got him on the couch, applied pressure on his wound.”

First responders got to the scene quickly and took that man and another to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Despite an estimated 100 rounds shot in the area those two are the only injuries reported.

“They’re lucky to be alive, really. because it was a lot of shots,” Rucker-Forbes said.

The man who was living in this home is now staying somewhere else. His land lord tells FOX 54 News one wall and obviously the porch will need to be fixed. There’s no timeline to how long that might take.

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