Augusta Fire-Rescue to enforce new protocol after inspection violations

Augusta Fire-Rescue to enforce new protocol after inspection violations

AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - Augusta-Richmond County commissioners say reports reveal many issues during inspections at Richmond County fire stations over the years.

Records and photos from the Risk Management Department reveal fire and fall hazards. For example, at one station, an inspector noted exposed electrical wire above a water heater at one station and stairs not built up to code at another. Documents show other issues at additional stations, like cleaning chemicals not clearly being marked, fire extinguishers not being inspected monthly and more.

Several commissioners asked Fire Chief Christopher James about those inspections by the Risk Management Department at the commission meeting.

District 8 Commissioner Brandon Garrett said, “I still think there’s the question out there of why its taken years for some of these issues to be taken care of and I hope that we’ll eventually get that answer and it seems like Chief is making strides to make sure that doesn’t happen again, and I certainly hope so since our firefighters do live in these fire stations."

Chief James said many of those issues have been addressed. He also said there was a miscommunication due to battalion chiefs and the Risk Management Department using different inspection forms.

He said moving forward they plan to use the same form. Additionally, he said the fire department also plans to pair an inspector with a logistics person during inspections so there will be no confusion on fire station issues.

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