Augusta city leaders hold town hall meeting to discuss park safety

Augusta city leaders hold town hall meeting to discuss park safety

AUGUSTA (WFXG) - Dozens of people gathering for a Town Hall meeting at the Bernie Ward Community Center Friday to address the safety concerns of Fleming Park and other parks in Augusta. These concerns come after 12 year-old Melquan Robinson died in October, after he was electrocuted at Fleming Park.

Mayor Hardie Davis alongside some Augusta commissioners addressed the public’s concerns and what is being done to keep the community safe. Mayor Davis says there have always been annual inspections looking for safety issues, but now they are expanding how they look at them.

“The city brought in professionals to do an assessment at the most frequented facilities. As they conducted that work we were getting reports back and as issues were identified, we were immediately working and bringing closure and resolution to those things."

Mayor Davis also says they have a list of parks that are heavily used in the community and a template made to keep all the safety concerns found in those parks. The city administrator did note that having these new safety checks will cost more money then they have been spending in the past.

Additionally, the commission did create a policy and procedure subcommittee to give recommendations on how to improve safety.

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