Women of Worth program aims to help women in the community

Women of Worth program aims to help women in the community

Evans, GA (WFXG) -A group of women in Columbia County are teaming up to help other women in the community. WOW, also known as Women of Worth is looking to mentor women who are in need of an extra push toward success.

Women of Worth is by women, with women, for women. The program is targeting women who are unemployed and underemployed but who are still motivated to move forward, so they can be successful. The WOW program will pair professional women with women who are still working on their dreams or career goals. Leaders with Columbia County Community Connections who are certified will offer training in “Bridges Out of Poverty” as well as a program called ‘Getting Ahead’.

The past few years has been a big step for women from the Women’s March, Me Too movement, and women raising their voices for fair pay. Program Director Gerilyn de Laurentys still believes there is more to be done not just in the local community but all over the states. She says some women do not realize their potential, how much they are worth, and how much they can accomplish with help.

“I hope that their lives are changed. I hope that they gain confidence in themselves, that they are able to learn skills that they need to get to the next step, that they want to to break cycles of being in a pay check to pay check situation." Laurentys explains.

The program is a year long initiative and will start on Monday, February 11. There is no deadline and women who want to join can apply as a mentor or student on mosaicumc.org .

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