H54K: Richmond County student accepted to an Ivy League university

H54K: Richmond County student accepted to an Ivy League university

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - very week FOX 54 celebrates kids who are shining bright in our community, doing good for others, or providing inspiration for their peers.

Now, meet a Davidson Fine Arts student who's been accepted to an Ivy League university in this week's High Five For Kids.

If you listen to 17-year-old Grant Stokes play, you might think that's how he made his college dreams come true, but that's just one part of the story.

"I always try to find something where I can just start a project and I can get lost in it to where I’m really dedicated to what I’m doing," Stokes said, " and with costume design, ceramics, and piano, I find that I love all those things and get more of what I want."

"Grant is just one of those overall great students," Davidson Fine Arts principal, Renee Kelly said. "Anything he tries he seems to excel in."Inspired by his hometown, Grant hopes to build a future for himself as a city planner or an architect - rebuilding and restoring, seeing the inner beauty in something broken.

"When I lived in Olde Towne, I lived in an old house built in like 1899, and I skated around the neighborhood and around downtown just looking at all of the historic buildings, and just the architectural elements, and I fell in love with what I saw," Stokes said.

The 12th grader already has a head start on his dreams - interning for the City of Augusta.

"He’s also the co-president of the Red Cross youth board, and I’m on the Red Cross as well, so I get to see him really excel in that area," Kelly said.

The combination of artistic talent and leadership - landing him an acceptance letter from Cornell University.

“It was unbelievable.” Stokes said. “It was kind of unreal. I still haven’t really accepted it, like everyone’s excited for me and everything. I don’t know; I’m still trying to take it all in you know”

As a new artistic endeavor awaits him, his principal's advice?

“Just to shoot for whatever he wants in life because he’s going to be successful,” Kelly said.

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