Paine College hosts 16th Annual Presidential Scholarship Gala

Our own Jay Jefferies was the Master of Ceremonies

Paine College hosts 16th Annual Presidential Scholarship Gala
Paine College hosts the 16th Annual Presidential Scholarship Gala & Masked Ball (Source: Jasmine Anderson)

AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - Paine College has a lot to celebrate, from Friday’s SACS accreditation ruling to its 16th Annual Presidential Scholarship Gala, one of the school’s most important fundraisers.

Crowne Plaza in North Augusta, SC looked a lot like a Mardi Gras ball, rooms full of people attended the college’s masked gala.

Rapper, minister and music and film producer Kurtis blow performed his hits like ‘The Breaks’ and ‘Christmas Rap’

He said he’s a big supporter of Paine College.

“I love this school. I found out that this school was founded by some reverends and pastor and ministers who wanted to teach slaves how to deal with their newly found freedom,” Blow told FOX 54′s Jasmine Anderson.

Dr. Hardee hopes attendees will help them meet their $75,000 fundraising goal from the United Negro College Scholarship Fund. However, he said he’s aiming higher, wanting to raise $200,000.

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