Augusta 911 Center recognized nationally

Augusta 911 Center recognized nationally
Augusta 911 Call Center (Source: Lex Juarez)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - They’re the first to answer your call, and now they’re being recognized for their work on a national scale. The Augusta 911 Center was awarded Outstanding 911 Call Center by NG 911 Institute for meeting all factors of technology, innovation and community outreach.

Nicole Hill, Corporal of A Shift, said, “It’s special for us. It says, hey, maybe we’ve arrived a little bit. Maybe we’ve gone a little farther than we thought we could. So, for us to be recognized nationally, it’s a wonderful thing.” The employees spend months training for their jobs, according to the 911 Director, Daniel Dunlap. He said in addition, the workers are always doing continuing education as the center continues to upgrade and improve.

Hill said, “My job is to help those that need help right then. We worry about ourselves later.” While answering emergency calls and performing other tasks is the job itself, Hill and Dunlap said it’s the people behind those calls that led to this accomplishment. Hill said, “It validates us. It validates why we do what we do on a day to day basis.”

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