Better Business Bureau: Millennials at high risk to get scammed in CSRA

Better Business Bureau: Millennials at high risk to get scammed in CSRA

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Scammers are constantly trying to swindle people out of their money.

In the CSRA, they’ve been targeting millennials more and more. Getting things in the mail can be exciting, especially when there’s money involved.

“There was an envelope on there, and it was addressed to me with the stations address, and so I opened it and there was a check inside addressed to me for $1,700,” Taylor Barbato

She says she wasn’t expecting $1700 from a company she had never heard of. Two red flags that led her to ask some questions.

“I thought, this is a little sketchy, but it’s $1,700 so if it’s a real check, I want the money,” says Barbato.

After some digging, Barbato found out she was sent a fake check despite it looking real and passed all of the security tests.

"It was rubbed with a coin, and the key appeared behind the face,” she says.

According the Better Business Bureau, tens of thousands of people lose money this way every year. In the CSRA, dozens a month are finding fake checks in their mailboxes.

That’s what happened to FOX 54′s very own Taylor Barbato just last week.

“At one point we had a stack of fake checks,” says Gigi Tuner, with the Better Business Bureau.

Hundreds of fraudulent checks that were all sent with different back stories. It had different names and looked professionally done.

“They all look real, they all look legitimate,” says Turner.

The worst part is that these checks can be put into your bank account. You’ll get the credit within two days but after the check bounces a week later.

“It is the consumer, the person who deposited that check who is most likely going to be penalized, not the person who wrote the check,” explains Turner.

Turner says the main target seems to be millennials. “It honestly makes me kind of mad that someone would try to take advantage of a young person.”

The good news is there is a way to make sure you end up like Barbato and don’t fall victim.

“If you ever second guess it, I think you should get a second and third opinion,” says Barbato.

“If you don’t know where that check came from, do not deposit it. verify what you can. Call the better business bureau and we will help you verify it before you deposit it,” explains Turner.

Reporting scams to the better business bureau is easy with a few clicks and can help prevent someone else from becoming a victim. For more information go to the

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