Paid parking may soon be coming to parts of downtown augusta

Paid parking may soon be coming to parts of downtown augusta
Parking sign in downtown Augusta (Source: Shaquille Lord)


Paid parking may soon be coming to parts of downtown augusta

Paying to park in downtown Augusta has been a conversation that’s been happening for years. A task force was assigned by Commissioners to come up with a plan for paid parking.

For Baruti Tucker, he’s lived in the big cities where nothing ever stopped regardless of the time. But he opted for something a little less hectic moving down south. “I just don’t want that busyness like that,” he says. So hearing about plans that Augusta is looking into adding paid parking downtown, he doesn’t think the city’s quite ready. “Look at the street. Look at the street. There’s a few people walking back and forth and part of it is because of transportation.”

But City Leaders are thinking ahead for the future. And at the end of the month, the task force deemed with coming up with a plan is expected to share it with Augusta - Richmond County Commissioners. “There are smaller cities in Georgia that have been utilizing paid parking for quite some time,” says Seve Adigon, who works for a private a company that he says plans on putting in a bid in to become the meter provider for the city. “People who have been here most of their lives are going to tell you, why should we pay for parking. Which is one of the reasons why Parking has come and gone over the years.”

Right now, the fee could be from $1.00 to $1.25 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and free on Sundays. A small price to pay that Adigun says will benefit the city long term. “It won’t be as painful as people think but it’s a very needed and welcome means of revenue for the city,” he says.

The money collected from fines and tickets will go towards improving the downtown area. City Leaders say if everything is passed, they believe these changes can go into effect in the summer.

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