Waynesboro community rocked by sexual assault allegations against Coach Travis Thomas

The two felony sexual assault charges against the coach hits close to home for a local daycare owner

Waynesboro community rocked by sexual assault allegations against Coach Travis Thomas

AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - Lots of Burke County parents know Marie’s Creative Kids is a place where their children, from six weeks to 12-years-old, can get the best start.

“I have a love for children," said Felisa Lewis.

That’s why sexual assault allegations against Travis Thomas, a coach and co-teacher for the Burke County Public School System, hurt daycare owner and director Felisa Lewis' heart.

“We have to, as adults, caregivers, parents we have to speak for them and fight their battles and take real good care of them," Lewis said.

Lewis has been in childcare for more than a decade and takes many precautions to ensure that the dozens of children enrolled here are safe.

Background checks, security cameras and a list of people authorized to pick children up.

“If not, they can’t leave this center. I’ve had grandparents mad at me because they forgot to put the grandparents name on the list. It’s like 'well, I’m sorry, you know, I can’t give them to you,” Lewis said.

She said nowadays, even these safeguards aren’t enough. Lewis and her staff plan to sit down and discuss what they can do to prevent anything similar to the accusations against Coach Travis, who faces two felony sexual assault charges, from happening at her center.

If the middle school student’s allegations against Travis prove to be true, she said its heartbreaking that it happened in her hometown.

Lewis added, “I know the family, you know,the young man [Travis Thomas] that it’s about and my heart goes out to them but on the same hand I don’t condone it because it’s wrong and I’m all about taking care of kids.”

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