Former Bamberg County teacher arrested for assault on a student

Former Bamberg County teacher is being investigated for assault on a student

BAMBERG, SC (WFXG) - A former Bamberg County school teacher has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a student-athlete on school grounds at Bamberg Ehrhardt High School. According to the school system, the assault happened during wrestling practice on December 19.

The superintendent told FOX 54 reporter Lex Juarez that the former teacher’s name is Jacob Stewart. According to a Bamberg County police report, the school’s security camera caught the incident on video.

The police report says the video shows the teacher walk into the locker room hallway with headphones in his hand, and the student following behind. Next, it says the video shows the teacher turn toward the child, grab him by the collar and slam him against a brick wall. It says the teacher is then seen slapping the student, before pushing him in the chest while giving him the headphones and telling him to “put them up.”

Stewart turned himself into the Bamberg Police Department just after 3 p.m. Friday. He has been charged with 3rd degree assault and battery and booked into the Bemberg County Detention Center.

According to the schools statement, Stewart was hired in 2012, and hasn’t been on school grounds since the incident. Stewart was put on administrative leave the day after the incident, according to the school board. Their statement says they scheduled an appointment to discuss the incident with the teacher, and kept him on administrative leave through Christmas break. Stewart turned in his immediate resignation when schools reopened on January 7, according to the school board. The school board’s statement reads, in part, “We regret that this incident happened and wish only the best for the student and his family moving forward.”

Stewart is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 4.

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