Aiken planning commission talks tiny home regulations

Aiken planning commission talks tiny home regulations

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - Are tiny homes becoming the wave of the future? They are sparking interest across the country and locally.

A trend has sparked and people are starting to move away from traditional homes, and into tiny homes.

“Anytime a new idea comes to the area people are very interested about the tiny homes market in general,” says Allen Childs, the owner of Tiny Houses of Georgia.

Tiny Houses of Georgia recently started selling homes in Augusta. According to Childs, in the state of Georgia these homes are currently considered park model homes or RV’s. But he’s working to change that.

“So what we’re working with is planning and zoning and DCA trying to get the laws changed so they can go into private property, beach mountain property,” said Childs.

Across the water, the Aiken County Planning Commission held their meeting Thursday and on the agenda was tiny homes. Aiken County planning and development is currently working on the classification of these homes so they can create regulations to allow them to be developed in the county.

The planning and development director did say “The commission feels all the housing types have a place in Aiken County, we are working through the process of which districts are suited for this type of housing.”

Right now a formal recommendation has not been sent, but a suggestion between the planning commission and county council that’s a part of an ongoing process to look at policies for the small residential homes.

Childs says the market is growing and offers residents lower housing costs, “The tiny house market has not even peaked yet, I believe people want affordable housing, they want to live a life free of debt."

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